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Im so hungry" she asked"I don't know guys wanna order a pizza?Jackson asked his friends who all agreed "is that okay with you mile?" Jackson asked confused"nope they don't really care about me any more cause im into girls but I don't care" lilly replied but was lying"im sorry lils but don't worry you got me and the guys" Jackson gave her a quick hug and they went into the family room to play video games.20 MINUTES LATER"Jackson?" miley called while walking down the stairs wearing white short shorts and a tiny black tank top that only covered to her belly button."what miles?" lilly asked him and gave him a look"yea sure" he said while him and lilly walked out into the other room"whats up? " lilly asked straight to the point"yea she is why?" he asked" I was just wondering cause I didn't want to scare her when I ask her out later" lilly smiled at what she said excited to possibly be going out with miley just them two"wait your going to ask my baby sister who is in 8th grade out on a date while you're a sophomore in high school and can have any girl you want being the most popular person? " lilly answered "you sister is really hot has a great personality and age is just a number and she will be at our school next year anyways""alrighttt but I swear if you hurt my sister I will hurt you" he said with no sarcasm and completely honest and stern."I promise I have a really good feeling about her" lilly said with a smile"okay now lets go get some chow im starving" Jackson said while him and lilly walked back into room and immediately miley and lilly's eyes connected and they both smiled AFTER THEY ALL FINISHED EATING AND CLEANED UP THE DECIDED THEY ALL WANTED TO WATCH A SCARY MOVIE. Miley begins to pay attention to Lilly again, and Oliver starts acting weird. Jake asks Miley out and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings so she says she's dating lilly as an excuse, and he doesn't believe her, and tells them to kiss.

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" she joked but was still scared" that's a good question I bet whoever makes up these things gets paid a lot of money because he is good at scaring people like you" lilly joked and laughed when miley lifter her head and gave her a puzzled look"excuse me? "Lilly lauged "yes people like you scaredy cats"Miley laughed "but it is scaryyyyyyy"AFTER THE MOVIE IS OVER AND THEY ALL TALK FOR A LITTLE WHILE MILEY STAYS ON LILLYS LAP AND LILLY CANT HELP BUT BE ABLE TO FEEL MILEYS BARE SKIN ON HER ARM THAT'S STILL WRAPPED AROUND HER AFTER THEY TALK FOR AWHILE ITS 1145 AND THEY HAVE TO BE HOME BEFORE 12"we gotta get going dude" david said to Jackson as they all began to get up and get ready to leave miley got off lilly's lap"your very comfy" she smiled with a hint of flirt in her voice"thank you" lilly smiled "can I talk to you for a minute outside on the deck miley?" Jackson asked and he turned to look at his sister "MILEY RAY what are you wearing I told you I had friends over GUY friends and well lilly" the guys and lilly laughed"soooo……… " his friends shouted at him"your sister is really hot" lilly said and everyone agreed with her"well im sorry I don't want you guys turned on by my baby sister" Jackson said with anger in his voice he was always protective of his little sister."okay im back better?I don't care im comfy but if you think it bothers your friends ill go put on some sweats" she walked back up to her room." JACKSON" "what the hell is wrong with you? " she asked she now had on a pair of gray sweatpants on that rested on her lower hip so her belly was still showing because she didn't changer her shirt."yea a lil" Jackson replied"okay but anyways what are we gunna have for dinner?When Miley's father dies, she is left to inherit her trust fund of millions. Until one night, Oliver brings in a new girl, Miley Stewart, who had just moved to Malibu and is just looking for a friend. " Missing scene from the episode 'You Are So Sue-able to Me.' Liley. The only problem is that in order to inherit her trust fund, she must follow her father’s wishes set out in his will. Lilly gave a dramatic sigh, "Ugh, you mean it's not in the driveway again this year? It is breathtaking, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, and just…

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Sometime before 546 BC, Milesian philosopher Anaximander postulated that mankind had sprung from an aquatic animal species.

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The man I spoke with on the phone about the online reporting was very rude and not helpful as to who I was supposed to call.

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In addition to more traditional romance stories, Shōjo can include tales of heroines who kick righteous butt — while pursuing romantic subplots and personal growth.

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Maybe an issue for you is that you don’t have a rolodex of girls to communicate with? With this kik finder app you’ll be able to find new Kik users with the same interest right away!

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Leo was at a Halloween party in New York earlier this week.

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claimed that Johnny was spotted by many people coming out of Ashley’s building, having been in her apartment overnight (allegedly, although some reports claim that Depp was in Ashley Olsen’s building for business, and that he didn’t spend the night).

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A 37' LOA, 10-meter Trojan International Express: Sportfishing's ultimate platform.

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Get Text Appeal You’ve got that initial attention, now it’s time for your personality to shine.

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He also kidnaps Tamsin to acquire her Valkyrie hair, and after being defeated by Bo, chases after the hair into a pit of lava, where at that point he is presumed to be dead.

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This manner of courtship system was mostly used by the upper and middle classes from the eighteenth century through the Victorian period.

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The vast majority of adult entertainment lovers do not prefer repetition.

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Police said they had found a form of synthetic cannabis in their hire car.

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• The Tinderisation of modern life is on the rise I arranged a coffee meet-up for Saturday at 5.30pm, which after half an hour a guy called Harpal said he was coming to.

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If a customer was in on the joke, Abuhamdeh would banter with them a bit.